About this course

Every time we send our student's survey's you all want to know more about the new Cisco 9800 controllers, well here we go. Cisco 9800 Rockstar is the first of a new SERIES of courses around Cisco's new 9800 series Wireless LAN Controllers, and of course the 9K Access points, and all the great tech that comes along with it such as Deployment options, HA, ISE, DNAC, MDM, WebAuth, Flex, Bridging and more. 

There are so many NEW things to cover, we have decided to do this course in a series beginning with Cisco 9800 Rockstar, which covers all of the critical things engineers should know to deploy new Cisco 9800 series controllers, including design, deployment, upgrades, and various migrations to a Cisco 9K Wireless architecture. We will also be taking students through an in-depth understanding of.

Cisco 9800 Rockstar High-Level Outline

  • What's new with Cisco 9800's
  • Cisco 9K Product Line Review
  • 9800 Platform Architecture & Internals
  • Exploring Deployment Options & Scenarios
  • Exploring Profiles & TAG’s
  • AP Support & Features
  • High Availability
  • Upgrayedd Options
  • Migrating from AireOS to IOS-XE
  • Customizing RF Profiles
  • Roaming & Mobility
  • Optimizing User Experiences
  • Enhancing Security

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introductions

  • 2

    Cisco 9800 Product Line Overview

    • Cisco 9800 Product Line Overview

  • 3

    Cisco 9800 Platform Architecture

    • Cisco 9800 Platform Architecture

  • 4

    Cisco 9800 Deployment Options

    • Cisco 9800 Deployment Options

  • 5

    Profiles & Tag's

    • Profiles & Tags

  • 6

    AP Support & Features

    • AP Support & Features

  • 7

    High Availability

    • High Availability

  • 8

    Cisco 9800 Upgrayedd Options

    • Cisco 9800 Upgrayedd Options

  • 9

    Roaming & Mobility

    • Roaming and Mobility Review

  • 10

    Migrating from AireOS to IOS-XE

    • Migrating from AireOS to IOS-XE

  • 11

    Optimizing User Experiences

    • Optimizing User Experiences

  • 12


    • C9800 Lab Introduction and initial Sw1 config

    • Cisco 9800 Initial config and Day 0 wizard

    • Extending the wired configs for sw2 and prep for SSO

    • Configuring SSO from CLI monitoring via GUI option 2

    • Customizing an AP Join Profile v2

    • Migrating APs from AirOS to ios-xe on c98

    • Converting an EWC 9120 to Local mode and priming

    • initial vlans svi iphelper and aaa wizard

    • Upgrading your C9800 SSO Stack AP Pre Download

    • Scenario Centralized WLAN w AAA override

    • Enable Device Profiling and Mac randomization

    • Optimizing the User Experience p1

    • Optimizing the User Experience p2

    • Centralized Guest Access

    • Reconfigure the lab for L3 between sw1 and sw2

    • Flex Connect

    • Configure Radius Servers and Centralized WLAN from the CLIv2

  • 13

    Bonus LABs

    • BONUS LAB - ISE Initial Setup AD Account Creation

    • BONUS LAB - ISE Initial Setup p2

    • BONUS LAB - Day 0 Loop Example and Resolution