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Welcome to Rockstar Network Foundations, - FREE Edition a new all-original video course designed to kickstart your career in computer networking. If you are new to IT, and or thinking about Network+ or CCNA Certification, start here. This version will allow you to check out the absolute must-know fundamentals of computer networking. If you enjoy the course, then sign up for the full version, it's a cheap investment that will show a solid return throughout your entire tech career!  This version is just module 1 of the full course and a bonus Subnetting in 20min video.

The full version includes almost 15hrs of HD Video, over 50 lessons, and 20 hands-on lab exercises you can complete at home delivered by a world-renowned CCIE Instructor

Looking to earn a certification? 

This course will lay the foundation, teaching you theory and skills that can help kick your certification journey in overdrive! The skills and knowledge learned in this course are requirements for several well-known industry certifications including CompTIA's Network+, Cisco Systems CCNA certification. 

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • M0 - Rockstar Network Foundations - Free Edition

  • 2


    • M1L1 - Computer Networking 101

    • M1L2 - Introduction to LANs

    • M1L3 - OSI Model and IP Stack

    • M1L4 - Host to Host Communication

    • M1L5 - Network Cabling and Media

    • M2L1 - Switch Basics and Initial Setup-YT

    • M2L1 - Switch Basics and Initial Switch Setup

  • 3

    Bonus Lesson

    • M0P1 - VLSM and Subnetting in 20 minutes Promo