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If you are wanting to understand the math and physics behind Wi-Fi data rates and how 802.11 based Wi-Fi has evolved from 1mb in 97, to multi-gigabit speeds today The Evolution of Wi-Fi Data Rates is the micro-course for you! This course focuses on the mechanics used in modulation and coding techniques behind the amazing technology we know and love as 802.11 based Wi-Fi. 

This course is taught by WiFi Training instructor Francois Verges, CWNE. 

  1. Wi-Fi Data Rates = Layer 2 Data Rates
  2. The Math behind Wi-Fi Data Rates
  3.  Summary of the evolution of Wi-Fi Data Rates (Table)
  4. 802.11 Prime - The beginning
  5. 2. 802.11b - Introduction of CCK
  6. 3. 802.11a/g - Introduction of OFDM
  7. 4. 802.11n - The revolution
  8. 5. 802.11ac - The evolution
  9. 6. 802.11ax - Let’s make it more efficient and change everything
  10. 4. The MCS Table
  11. 5. Relationship between Data Rates and Throughput

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    The Evolution of WiFi Data Rates

    • Intro

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    Lesson 2

    • Part 2

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    Lesson 3

    • Part 3